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Gulden's is the third largest American manufacturer of mustard, after French's and Grey Poupon. The oldest continuously operating mustard brand in the United States, it is now owned by agricultural giant ConAgra Foods.

A disappointed customer shared this on Yelp "I purchased Gulden's mustard because of a review on Cooks Illustrated. The product we received lacked flavor. The mustard may be as good as they rated it, but we would not be able to tell by the product received, since it was at the end of its shelf life when we received it. It might be a good mustard if we had received it when it was fresh, which was probably at least a year ago. The best by date was May 2016 and we received it mid March of 2016. Apparently the company is trying to get old product off its shelves and since they won't take it back, we spent quite a bit of money on a product that has basically expired and has little flavor".


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francis imo says

"Cheapoair is very poor in customer relations, they are not trustworthy and reap off. Cheapoair charges me extra money for requesting another travel date for my trip that was canceled by the airline themselves due to COVID-19. I can't recommend Cheapoair to anyone cause is not worth the stress. They are thieves with incompetent staffs."

xaxjon says

"I booked 2 flights that were both cancelled by the airline due to the Covid 19 crisis. Cheapo-air gave me the runaround for 6 months. Appalling call centre long holds. Eventually they told me flat out I was not getting a refund period. Fortunately the flights were not a lot of money and I consider this a valuable lesson to always book directly with the airline and never use this shoddy outfit again"

Naresh says

"This is the worst company i have ever experienced in travel. As the name says CHEAPoair, its really cheap company in terms of quality , experience and service. i booked the tickets using this company, however the flight got cancelled and they are not returning the money back and claiming that Qatar is not returning money , however i checked with Qatar and they told me in written and verbal both that the cheapoair is not requested the fund return. i am waiting from march with hours on call waiting with cheapoair and when i find someone to talk they are very very rude with me. please dont book tickets with this company ."

sasan milani says

"This is now 7 month of waiting!!! I booked a flight late Dec. 2019 I canceled this flight even before the COVID (on Feb 2020) and I received cancellation confirmation stating the amount to be refunded. I was charged another C$ 674.0 for this!!! CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD without REFUNDING THE ORIGINAL AMOUNT !!! So for about Seven months now I have been waiting for the refund. Keep calling and emailing this company. At one time they send me an email that they're going to update me every 2 weeks. this was about 5 month ago but I never received any updates whatsoever! So on top of Ticket cost, insurance and support package premium(!!!) , I have been charged for exchanged fees and still waiting ... Really frustrated with this."

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